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  1. One of our lovely followers and their submission. She’s shy so wants to be anon but let show her that we love her anyway.


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  3. Anonymous said: Post a pick of your naked gf

    1. good try

  4. Is it bad that my gf hated that I gave her a hard pounding from the back and her head hit the wall and said I fucked her like a piece of meat and she didnt like it. :( sigh


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    always reblog

    Same goes with a sexual tumblr! My ex broke that rule!

    same goes with videos. I keep my videos in a special folder and watch them often but never ever share with others!

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    Po and I dance naked, fuck and smoke weed all day. She’s a cool girlfriend! <3

    6 h Goa Mix ~ Pure Psy Adventure! <3

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